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Upgrades to insulation, windows, and air tightness lead to a more comfortable home. Increasing the insulation in walls and attics can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, reducing the energy required for heating and cooling. As a result of these upgrades, air temperature is more consistent and controlled, and your home will be quieter since outside noise is decreased. Say goodbye to drafts and cold spots and hello to a quiet, comfortable home.


Airtight walls and advanced ventilation systems result in fresh, filtered air that is free of outside pollutants and allergens. The airtightness also means that homes are free of mold and water damage – often the cause of health problems. All of these add up to fewer allergy and asthma triggers for you and your family.


Studies have shown the negative health impacts of cooking with gas in our homes. An easy upgrade towards a Net Zero home is to purchase an energy-efficient induction stove that heats up food much faster and with more precise temperature controls, contributing to fewer emissions and better cooking results.

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