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Benefits of Net Zero Homes

Imagine a home that is comfortable year-round, has low energy bills, and has a positive impact on the environment. That's the reality of a Net Zero home.


A Net Zero home produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, is energy-efficient, does not burn fossil fuels, and only uses renewable energy for power. While achieving Net Zero is a journey, every step brings benefits, including lower energy bills, increased home value and reduced carbon footprint. Whether your priority is improving comfort or reducing energy bills, each upgrade you make will also positively impact other aspects of your home.

Increased Home Comfort

Retrofitting improves your home’s insulation, air sealing, and HVAC systems, creating a more comfortable indoor environment year-round. Key benefits include:

  • Improved Insulation: Keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing the energy required for heating and cooling.

  • Consistent Temperature: Enjoy more consistent and controlled air temperature throughout the home.

  • Noise Reduction: Extra insulation decreases outside noise, resulting in a quieter home.

  • Better Air Quality: Airtight walls and advanced ventilation systems bring in fresh, filtered air free of outside pollutants and allergens.

  • Healthier Home: Airtightness prevents mold and water damage, reducing allergies and asthma triggers. Healthier cooking with energy-efficient induction stoves that reduce emissions.

Say goodbye to drafts and cold spots and hello to a quiet, comfortable home.


Upgrading your home to Net Zero not only reduces emissions but can also lower your energy bills. Benefits include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Net Zero homes consume less energy, leading to significant savings on utility bills over time.

  • Smart Planning: With the right renovation plan, you can prioritize upgrades that offer the best returns and know what to replace end-of-life systems with in the future.

  • Lower Utility Bills: Renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, allow you to produce your own clean energy, reducing reliance on the grid and protecting against future energy cost fluctuations.

  • Financial Incentives: Programs like the Canada Greener Homes Program offer financial incentives for Net Zero retrofits, helping to offset renovation costs.

Homes to Zero’s Net Zero Plan provides important information about utility savings and rebates that can be achieved through a Net Zero retrofit.

Property Value

Net Zero retrofits enhance the value of your home through:

  • Energy Savings: Lower utility bills and increased efficiency make your home more attractive to future buyers.

  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality: Improved air quality is a significant selling point.

  • Resilience and Comfort: Upgraded homes are more resilient and comfortable, leading to higher resale and rental values.

  • Marketability: Energy efficiency is a top priority for homebuyers. In 2021, energy efficiency of the whole home, appliances, and windows were the top three rated ‘must haves’ by home buyers.

  • Future-proofing: As regulations evolve, homes will need to be Net Zero. Upgrading now increases your home’s value and marketability.

Homes to Zero’s Net Zero Plan provides important information about utility savings and rebates that can be achieved through a Net Zero retrofit.

Climate Impact

By reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, you contribute to combating climate change and help Canada meet its climate goals.

  • Environmental Contribution: A Net Zero home significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, combating climate change and supporting a healthier environment.

  • Sustainable Construction: Buildings are responsible for nearly 40% of global emissions, with single-family homes being a major contributor.

  • Urgency: A Net Zero home is one of the biggest contributions individuals can make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Start Your Net Zero Journey Today!

Net Zero Assessment, Personalized assessment of your home. Net Zero, information about government incentives etc.

Want to know which upgrades will save the most money, make your home the most comfortable, and reduce your home's emissions? You need a Net Zero Assessment.


Homes to Zero’s Assessment is personalized for your home; with a few quick answers to some simple home questions, we provide you with a comprehensive report. You'll receive a checklist of potential upgrades, showing you how far your home is from Net Zero, with cost and carbon-saving estimates and the cost to implement them.

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