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Homes to Zero June Updates: New Tools, Success Stories, and How You Can Get Involved

At Homes to Zero, we’re dedicated to helping you transform your property into a cozy, cost-efficient, low-energy, and zero-emission home. Our goal is to guide homeowners and industry professionals in creating sustainable homes that benefit both you and the environment.

This month has been packed with exciting developments, from launching new tools to sharing inspiring success stories. See what we've been up to this June and how you can join in.

Introducing the Net Zero Assessment Tool

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: the Net Zero Assessment. This tool provides you with all the information you need to make smart decisions and implement upgrades that save money, lower energy use, and transform your home's comfort.

As a bonus for our early adopters—use the code BETA50 to get $50 off your assessment!

Homes to Zero at Collision 2024

The Homes to Zero team had an incredible experience at Collision 2024! It was amazing to meet so many passionate individuals and share our vision for creating cozier, low-energy, and zero-emission homes. A huge thank you to everyone who visited our booth. Your enthusiasm and support fuel our mission to make sustainable living accessible to all.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Supporters

Our progress wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support from our partners. We’d like to thank the Climate Impact Fund for providing critical funding and mentorship and the Clean Air Partnership for their invaluable assistance and input during the development of the Net Zero Assessment.

Climate Impact Fund supports climate education and sustainable solutions to empower citizens locally. 

Through innovative research, facilitation and information sharing, Clean Air Partnership advances the implementation of actions to foster low-carbon, resilient communities.

We could not have achieved this without their support. We want to express our gratitude to them and to all the homeowners who participated in our pilot program.

Success Story: Net Zero Renovations in Toronto

One of our favorite success stories comes from a 1913 semi-detached home in Toronto's South Riverdale neighborhood. This charming home is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Key upgrades to the building envelope have already made a significant impact, including adding attic and basement insulation and replacing old, inefficient windows with high-performance ones.

While their Net Zero Plan is still ongoing, the home is now brighter and more comfortable, and the annual energy consumption has dropped from 47,500 kWh to 29,166 kWh, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by almost 40%! Next up: transitioning off gas and adding solar panels.

Get Involved and Stay Connected

We’re here to support you every step of the way with tools and expert advice. Ready to get started on your own Net Zero journey? Here are some ways we can help:

3 Ways We Can Support You

  1. Know Your Home’s Carbon Footprint: Check out our free Climate Score.

  2. Stay Updated: Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook for updates and insights.

  3. Book a Free Consultation: Chat about your home renovation dreams. Send us a note at to organize a free 30-minute call.

3 Ways You Can Support Us

  1. Spread the Word: Know someone renovating their home? Point them to our Net Zero Assessment.

  2. Use the Discount Code: Use BETA50 to get $50 off a Net Zero Assessment.

  3. Join Our Community: Tell us about amazing contractors or suppliers who share our vision!

If you'd like Homes to Zero's updates and insights straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter by heading to our homepage!

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