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Introducing Homes to Zero: Building A Sustainable Future

Updated: Jun 27

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. It's where we find refuge after a long day, spend quality time with loved ones, and create lifelong memories. But our homes impact more than just our lives—they impact the environment too. Buildings, including family homes, are responsible for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. With the climate crisis escalating, it’s crucial we act.

What if your home could be more than just a place to live? What if it could reflect your commitment to a better future for our planet? That's the vision behind Homes to Zero. We’re here to help homeowners and contractors renovate to create cozier, low-energy and zero-emission homes.

Our dedicated team of experts guides homeowners and professionals through the process of sustainably retrofitting homes and reducing carbon emissions while preserving the unique elements that make a house a home. With the climate crisis escalating, this approach to retrofitting is more important than ever. It’s time to empower all Canadian homeowners to make a difference.

Helping Homeowners Achieve Net Zero

Making our homes Net Zero is one of the most significant contributions individuals can make to help combat climate change. That's why Homes to Zero is assisting Canadian homeowners on their retrofit journey. Homes to Zero is a comprehensive, data-driven platform providing an original and innovative approach to facilitate Canada's transition to Net Zero.  

A Net Zero home produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, is energy efficient, does not burn fossil fuels and only uses renewable energy for power. While achieving Net Zero is a journey, every step brings benefits, including lower energy bills, increased home value, and a reduced carbon footprint. Transitioning to Net Zero requires the right education and resources. We empower homeowners to make this transition, creating a more comfortable, sustainable, and valuable home. 

Our architect-backed solutions ensure your home improvements are designed for maximum impact and efficiency. We help you identify and prioritize the most impactful upgrades for your home, maximizing your return on investment. We also give you the knowledge and insights you need to make informed decisions about your home energy upgrades. 

Our Solutions

Homes to Zero's Climate Score Tool provides homeowners with an accurate calculation of their home’s carbon footprint and benchmarks their home's current state against Net Zero requirements. 

The Net Zero Assessment provides a detailed breakdown of energy usage and a building analysis, identifying improvement areas, and estimated renewable energy generation. Homeowners receive a customized checklist prioritizing the most impactful actions for their home, and a recommended upgrade order for maximum savings and climate impact.

Homes to Zero is dedicated to helping Canadian homeowners plan and implement their path to a comfortable and resilient Net Zero home. Our plans connect homeowners with the resources and information they need to understand their home’s energy efficiency and GHG performance, enabling informed renovation decisions. Whether planning to retrofit all at once or in stages, having a practical and actionable plan means you’ll always be moving towards the Net Zero goal. 

Infographic of Net Zero Home

Homes To Zero and Net Zero Architects Network

Homes to Zero collaborates with the Net Zero Architects Network, experts in sustainable home retrofits, to simplify and standardize Net Zero solutions across Canada. This partnership aims to shift the industry from one-by-one retrofits to mass-scale transformations. Our goal is to retrofit over 10 million existing single-family homes in Canada to Net Zero as quickly and equitably as possible. It’s a monumental task with extraordinary benefits for the community and the planet! 

Join Us on the Journey to Net Zero

Are you ready to join the movement and make your home a reflection of your commitment to a better future? Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and learn more about how you can get involved in the journey to Net Zero. Together, we can combat climate change one home at a time.

See How Your Home Scores With A FREE Climate Score


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